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Brian Bridge(non-registered)
Hi Merrill
Many thanks for giving me your web address. The site is very impressive and the photos, so wide ranging, are such a pleasure to view. I am certain that I will be visiting the site regularly.
Brian [Mournes Lover]
Knut Skjærven(non-registered)
Great to have you back, and a great site that you have got running here.

There are so many photos that I have to take it step by step. What template do you use? It certainly looks good.

And as I told you, Merrill, the X1 is excellent for slow shooting. I am so satisfied with mine, that I will most probably stay with it for a long while. Since it is almost silent I can use it many places where larger, and more noisy cameras would never do.

Neil Hollander(non-registered)
Your scenic images are vibrant and full of life. Well done. I'm a people photographer and teacher living in Northern California. Different world however, my family came from your part of the forest and spoke often of the colors and texture. Thanks for the tour.
baba/left coast usa. Member of CVUG.
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