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Shared Space [Thoughts]

August 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

No traffic lights, no stop signs.
Neither pedestrian nor motorised zones.
Rather passage through each shared space
By eye contact and negotiation.

No allocation of distinct spaces,
As in traditional streets,
Where each user, in their delineated sphere,
Has no responsibility for anyone else.

With signs removed, people could look
At each other for their security.
With a nod and a smile, fellow travellers
Continue on their respective ways.

Such a mindset of responsible citizenship
Changes, into a confluence of courtesy,
Both the motorists’ assumed priority
And the pedestrian’s subjugation.

It may be not just on the roads
That such as this might apply;
Though it may take a decade for Stormont,
And a century for the Lagan Towpath.


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