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Two 'oul Boys and a Bike - Day 5 (Story)

June 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

We left Kenmare fairly early this morning after having spent two days there in Davitt's Hotel. Once again, there was a generous gesture from the hotel management who gave us a discount to be added to the fund.

Davitt's Hotel, Kenmare


Today's route was part of the Ring of Kerry - known as the Iveragh Peninsula - as well as the Wild Atlantic Way and today's Atlantic Way was certainly Wild. It was raining when we left Kenmare and it was still raining when we arrived in Cahersiveen.

Part of this route I know fairly well. Lena and I have stayed often in the Parknasilla Hotel and Sneem is also a familiar stopping place. It was in Sneem that we stopped for our first coffee of the day - in the Riverside Cafe. It was quite crowded but there was a table for four with just an individual sitting at it. The fact that he was also in cycling kit may also have brought us in his direction.

Well over an hour later Ken and Maurice Hurley from Dublin, who was also cycling extensively round Ireland, were swapping cycling stories and I was desperately trying to look like I knew what they were talking about, as well as failing miserably to come to terms with the history and the purpose of the organisation, the Global Citizen School, on whose behalf Maurice was visiting schools all over Ireland.

I left Ken and Maurice to their cyclo-babble and went to photograph Sneem's most famous son - Steve (Crusher) Casey - an Olympic rower and a world champion wrestler. However, he was disqualified from the 1936 Berlin Olympics for having wrestled professionally.


Steve (Crusher) Casey


Church of the Transfiguration, Sneem


Also found in Sneem! I am, however, not entirely sure which grouping this represents.


We eventually left Sneem and agreed to meet up again in Waterville where we would have our main meal of the day. When he is cycling, it suits Ken's regime to have one main meal a day - usually around 3-4 o'clock - and I'm happy to go along with that. I had just arrived in Waterville when Ken phoned from a couple of miles back up the road to say he had found a restaurant with the most incredible view over Kenmare Bay.


View from the restaurant in the Scariff Inn



You have to agree that it is quite outstanding.

I also have happy memories of Valencia Island and decided to take that route across the island to Knightstown, then across by ferry and eventually to Cahersiveen while Ken went from Port Magee directly to Cahersiveen. However, before we separated, the new John Huston spent an anxious thirty minutes shooting and directing another iPhone video, and eventually managed it without Ken either climbing out of the top of the frames, or falling through the bottom of them.


Knightstown Harbour, Valencia Island, Co. Kerry


I have one final secret to share this evening. The secret behind Ken's ability to cycle uphill in the pouring rain and into a ferocious wind is........(roll of drums) ..... horse linament. I'm still a little uncertain whether it is rubbed on or taken orally but I have seen the package and it's results. I leave you to make up your own mind.



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