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Two 'oul Boys and a Bike - Day 4 (Story)

June 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


The time has come to finish the story begun yesterday. You may recall that when I arrived at the B&B in Ballycommane, expecting to find Ken already there, I wondered why this was not the case and was a little concerned that I was unable to get any answer from his phone. I decided to go back into Durrus to have a look for him and as I obviously had a worried expression on my face, which differs only slightly from my long practised ‘bewildered’ one, a kind lady, named Theresa, asked if she could help and suggested that I try to make contact from her land line at home. No success but I thanked her warmly for her help. That is the Theresa part of the story explained.

Ken, it transpired, had indeed missed the  turn off in Durrus and his situation was exacerbated by the fact that his phone wasn’t working at all. Neither was he exactly sure of the name of the B&B. The question needs to be asked at this point as to whether or not either of us should be allowed out of the house at all without supervision, never mind to ‘gallivant’ along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Ken decided that since he was quite close to Bantry by this stage he would go to a hotel there, use their wi-fi to look up the name of the B&B and proceed accordingly. This explains the reference to the Bantry hotel.

But the story doesn’t end there. I also mentioned previously our visit to ‘The Old Creamery’ in Kilcrohane. What  I didn’t mention was that when we arrived I was greeted with “Oh, you finally found  him then, did you?” Theresa from Durrus worked in the coffee shop in Kilcrohane – more than ten miles away. If you believe in coincidences, this would certainly be quite a major one.

Ken and I headed off again this morning down the Beara Peninsula to finish off that part of the WAW and ‘en route’ I tried my hand, for the very first time, even though I’ve had the capability on numerous iPhones, at shooting a video – of Ken in action.


Ken on Beara Peninsula


I climbed up some rocky, moss, thistle and sheep dropping covered bank and did my bit – shouting “Action – Take 1” at what I thought might be appropriate moments, and then discovered that Ken, each time, had ridden past before I had managed to get the correct button pressed to change the setting to Video. I also discovered I have a setting for  SLO-MO, whatever that is, on my iPhone. After umpteen attempts I may have something worthy of the Lisburn Film Festival. It was good craic and I enjoyed it enormously.



We moved on down the Peninsula and I dropped Ken off outside Castletown Bere where he finished yesterday and I headed back up to Glengarriff and Kenmare. I mentioned to Ken before I left him that Lena and I, some years previously, had found a beautiful little town called Allihies way down near the end of the Peninsula. Two hours plus later, he’s just been on the phone saying he’s in Allihies and that he hasn’t taken as many photographs in years.


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