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Gratitude and Appreciation (Thoughts)

April 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The threads in the tapestries of which our lives are composed
Will undoubtedly be different from those of others:
For which fact we should all be eternally grateful.
It is this diversity of weave, colour, strength and design,
All aspects of a uniqueness,
Which makes the world such a beautiful and fascinating place.

Yet, within this diversity, there appears a commonality of need,
Often more than a need - a deep craving - for appreciation.
For each one of us, it is in our relationships with others that we discover our humanity.
It is from those who hold us in esteem that we strengthen our own humanness.
And each of us, in turn, have great power over others for this very reason.
We are all fragile souls, who break easily in the hands of the insensitive.

It is acknowledged that, when we appreciate those around us,
We begin to recognise how much they bring to our lives.
Encouragement develops the very best that there is in a person,
Yet we have a seemingly infinite capacity to take each other for granted.
Showing gratitude is one of the simplest things a person can do for another,
Silent gratitude, however, is not much use to anyone.

We have all experienced times when our light was flickering weakly
Until it was rekindled by a spark from a friend;
That same friend who knows the song in our heart
And sings it back to us when we seem to have forgotten the words.
Gratitude opens our hearts to love
And whatever we give thanks for will increase within us.

The world has plenty of beauty - more than enough.
What it needs is more people to appreciate and enjoy it.
Remember Piglet - he had a very small heart
But it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.
If the only prayer you ever pray is “Thank you”
That might well be enough.


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