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The Autumn of my Years [Thoughts]

December 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Life’s autumn time

A time of great gathering

Harvesting the fruit of my experience.

Whatever I have sown, I will now reap

In these, my autumn days.

The things that happened in the past,

The experiences sown,

Will now begin to yield fruit.


Within that harvesting I bring together

Forgotten moments and experiences

And hold them as one.

Aging is not about my body losing its strength,

Its poise and self trust.

It is not about the demise of my body,

It is the harvest of the soul,

That natural shelter around my life.


As linear time quickens, memories remain

Caught and held in the soul’s net.

Autumn is the beginning of my journey

Back to the temple of memory

Where I can wander through its rooms

Visiting the days of both enjoyment and sorrow.

While time may make me older

There is a place in my soul which time cannot touch. 


With thanks to Meister Eckhart and John O'Donohue


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