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The Earthquake [Story]

November 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Silently walking 

Through the scattered rubble,

He is unsure and uncertain 

In the midst of what was once so familiar.

As he searches for his favourite place 

To lie in the sun

And listen for the voices 

That are always so welcoming.


Lying in the tiny cradle,

With her face and blanket covered in dust

She is both hungry and thirsty

But still able to yell.

Her mother and father close by

Will never be able to ever feed her again,

But while her lungs hold out

She has hope.


His ears prick up

As he recognises the cry of hunger

And goes to where it is loudest

Where he barks even louder,

Putting his nose to the gap in the concrete.

When help finally comes

He licks the dust 

From the familiar, smiling face.


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